Mission and Value

Our mission

We intend to be a leader in providing medical services that are recognized internationally by using modern technology and by efficiently administering our professional network.
Our medical teams adhere to the highest standards and professional ethics, and are committed to continuously improve their services to the benefit and satisfaction of our patients.

Quality Policy

Rung Reung Heart Clinic shall be the medical service facilities with high standard and international quality, for trustworthiness and optimal satisfaction of the customers. Royal Phnom Penh Hospital intends to continually improve the management patient safety system and its services by emphasizing on the continuous quality improvement throughout the organization.


– Achieve patient safety through professional risk management throughout our hospital

– Use medication safely

– Provide highest levels of infection control

– Provide a safe environment

Safety Policy

Rung Reung Heart Clinic operates its business with responsibility to its patients, the hospital personnel, all concerned persons and to society by paying great attention to preserve the environment, occupational health and safety as well as by continually improving the system.